Main course

As a main course, as well as other our menus always choose the freshest and highest quality raw materials. Our manufacturing is top notch for more than twenty years of experience. We have a genuine, heated birch puuhiiligrilli, which we get our menus a unique and delicious flavor. Our kitchen is used for lactose-free butter and cream, as well as other low-lactose products. We also manufacture gluten-free dishes. Our range includes certainly for you tasty experience.



What if you taste our new appetizers? Our offer is very comprehensive from exotic snails to always familiar wings. Especially the outcome of our manufacturing processes have to get experience.

Main course

The delicious and abundant, these dishes will ensure that dining is no longer merely applying the sense of satiety. The main dishes are always prepared with only the finest quality meat, fish and vegetarian ingredients. Edit your dose and will not experience a great dining experience.


Our dessert leave the taste sensation that lasts a long time. We served in a lot of different options from fried cheesecake Ice Cream Sundae custom built. Sorbet and chocolate forgetting.

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